SAXON Junkalor GmbH

is a privately owned high tech enterprise that has been establishing a broad experience in metrology and gas analysis for many
years. Over the last century, our company has emerged as a market leader for gas emission measuring instruments with professional knowledge in the physical field, as well as in the vehicle emission test equipment field, starting right from the measurement sensor through to the complete analyser. Througout the history of our enterprise, our scientific technology has been continually developing. We employ a highly qualified team whose innovative expertise ensures the high quality and functionality of our products and services. Our long history provides the wealth of expertience and competence that is one of the cornerstones of SAXON Junkalor GmbH. Flexible enterprise strategies, reliable services, as well as professional advice and service make SAXON Junkalor GmbH a competent and dependable partner.


With the introduction of a dealer network in several European and non-European countries, SAXON Junkalor GmbH has established itself on the international market. Our local presence ensures our customers have a high level of services provided, and guarantees the company`s succes. Communication is the fundamental block for a good business relationship. Our cooperative service means that we are readily and reliably available for our customers. Responding to our customers needs, aligned with our high level or customers service builds a responsible and encouraging relationship with SAXON Junkalor GmbH.


Prof. Hugo Junkers
Prof. Hugo Junkers

The pioneer of German Aviation, Professor Hugo Junkers, re-wrote history by designing and constructing the legendary heavy-oil lubricant engine of the aircraft JU 52 „Tante JU“. In 1892, he established a test centre for gas driven engines in Dessau from which the enterprise SAXON Junkalor GmbH was founded. From the first day onwards, our company has concentrated on the development of measuring instruments. The technical innovations we have made have been the basis for our successful business concept, and today they are more than ever an important building block of our company philosophy.

1892 – Foundation of the company by Prof. Hugo Junkers

1949 – Start the development of gas analysers

1958 – First analyser produced using a self-developed infrared optical bench

1969 – Production of the first CO car exhaust gas analyser

1986 – The first 4-gas analyser for car testing was produced

1993 – Introduced the first NDIR optical bench series 5000

1996 – The Opacilyt 1020 was manufactured that uses an own development-measuring bench

1997 – Production of Infralyt BIKE started, developed especially for bike garages

1998 – Introduction of the first 5-gas component analyser Infralyt EL

1999 – Integration of the ASA-Network in our measurement systems

2000 – Development of OBD-module

2003 – Development of the new NDIR optical bench series 6000

2004 – Introduction of the IR Diesel Analiser INFRALYT D

2005 – Production of the OBD capable OPACILYT 1030 started

2007 – Completion of the development and production launch of the new SMART INFRALYT

2012 – Development based on light scattering particle measurement DPM1.0 and SMG100

2014 – Production start of the new multi-gas analyzer INFRALYT 80

2015 – Revision of the AU software and adaptation to LF5