Together with our partners we offer a comprehensive service to our customers. We provide solutions for commissioning, maintenance, repair, etc. to grant themaximum efficiency. Use these advantages!

  • High Service Quality
  • Less Downtime
  • Original Spare Parts
  • Legal Compliance
  • Increasing the life of the device
  • Transparent costs


Productsupport, Repair Service, Loan Unit

Hotline: +49 340 5510 214

Mo. – Thu.      7:00 am to 5:00 pm
Fr.                    7:00 am to 2:30 pm

Fax: +49 340 5510 201
Mail:  service.junkalor@saxon.de



Get to know the products of SAXON Junkalor

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SAXON Junkalor GmbH
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Use one of our qualified service partners

Locate a qualified sales and service partners of SAXON Junkalor GmbH in your area and contact them.




Take advantage of our service order ...

All products are serviced by our qualified repair service. Please use our service order form for the registration. With the service order you tell us to repair, make an inspection or the calibration of your device on a simple way. The gas calibration of the device is always performed by highly qualified staff. This avoids the storage of calibration gases in your company.

Through the online form, we receive all information in advance and we can schedule your order. This allows us a fast processing and you have your device as quickly as possible available. After troubleshooting, we create as specified in the service order a non-binding cost estimation. To avoid downtime, we offer the possibility of a loan unit. So you can continue working without downtime.



Work without downtime...

Your device is in our service – but you want to continue your work anyway? Take the opportunity to borrow one of our devices for the duration of the repair. In this case, you only pay the basic fee for the loan unit. Get your device from our service back, and we let pick up the loan unit again. Use this service! Request the loan unit directly in the service order.

Need one of our devices only for one-time measurements and the purchase of this device does not make sense for you? Then simply borrow from one of our devices. In this case, we advise you individually. You can use just our phone service or make a request through our contact form.



The direct service from afar ...

The online remote maintenance gives us the opportunity to assist you directly and quickly. This gives you not only cost savings, but also a faster availability of your equipment. To use this service, download the REMOTE SUPPORT file from the Download Center and install the software. Then call our service hotline.



Knowledge brings the advantage ...

In our house, we hold regular training courses on all our devices and their application.
We are happy to come to you and lead directly on site training courses through our devices. Please inquire with us.



Do not forget the required documentation...

When you send a device for scrapping to us, place always at the completed declaration of contamination to the device. Without this we can not process the device in our house and it will be sent to you at your expense back. These are special regulations in Germany.