• Miniature measuring bench with high resolution
  • only 30s warm-up time, ideal for mobile and portable systems
  • low-cost solution for your own measurement system


The smart bench is an NDIR measurement bench especially for measurements on combustion engines.

  • micro bench as an OEM product
  • high stability by evaluating a permanent reference channel
  • fast response time
  • measuring three infrared active gases (CO2 20 %-Vol., CO 10 %-Vol., HC 2500 vppm as C6H14) simultaneously
  • connection and signal processing for two electrochemical sensors (for example, O2 and NO) integrated
  • standard power supply 5V DC, low power consumption
  • less installation space and low mass

Technical specifications

Operating Mode NDIR  
Accuracy O.I.M.L. Class 0  
Operation Temperature 5…55°C  
Mass 170 g  
Operating Voltage + 5 V DC (<200 mA)  
Flow 60 – 200l/h
Dimensions 220 mm x 15 mm x 50 mm (Länge x Breite x Höhe)
Gas Connections Hose Coupling DN 4/6 für DN 4/6 Schläuche