Infralyt N

  • Exhaust gas measurement for diesel and petrol engines
  • Seperate NO and NO2 measurement
  • Measurement of RPM and Oiltemp
  • Conversion to reference oxygen value
  • Values displayed as volume or mass concentration
  • According to OIML Class 1


The Infralyt N is used for fast, comprehensive analysis of diesel exhaust gases. With its own development of a special NDIR bench with high precision, the gases CO, CO2 and HC can be measured in the respective ranges. The integration of electrochemical cells for fast NO, NO2 and O2 measurement allows to take a statement to the actual pollutant level. All gas components are brought together with the engine rpm and the oil temperature on the display. A switchover between mass and volume concentration is also integrated as is the conversion to a reference oxygen content. With this information, the processes and functions of diesel engines with exhaust treatment and pollution are clearly evaluated. The big advantage is, that the small size and low weight make the Infralyt N to form a compact unit, which is suitable for both stationary and for mobile use.

Device combination

In combination with the especially for the diesel particle analysis developed SMG200M , is a complete exhaust gas monitoring and analysis system available. That allows in addition to the gas analysis the analysis of the particle mass concentration.


Data sheett

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